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Paul Wesley Interview at SDCC, July 26 (x)

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I’m baaack.


Before I start this riveting rant on how Julie Plec loves to play the blame game, and how she swears her TO ladies are gifts from the heavens. Let me state right now at the very beginning of this post that I will be tagging this ‘anti the originals’ and just about anti everything. So, if you are a TO fan and your on mobile (which is at the risk of seeing crap you don’t wanna see), then I suggest that you just keep on scrolling. I’m tagging appropriately, so I don’t wanna fucking hear it. Don’t come to me and pick a fight with me because you’re on mobile, because I don’t stay shut, and I will argue back and you will lose. You’ve been warned. With that being said, you can watch what Julie said, here! I will however also be writing it out, because I enjoy being thorough. 

Interviewer: Is there a reaction that happened on twitter based on one of the episodes that you weren’t anticipating?

Julie: No you know, it’s funny, not specific to any episode. Uhm, more specifically there’s that ongoing refusal to accept and embrace certain female characters because they A. Got knocked up by Klaus, or B. Seem to have Klaus’s interest. Which is always frustrating because you want those characters to stand on their own and we’re not trying to force romance with either of those characters down anyone’s throat. And they’re really strong and fascinating women in their own right. The distaste for their characters on certain elements of the social media universe is frustrating because it’s in a context that’s not entirely fair .

Oh my god. Everyone get comfortable, this is a lengthy one. First of all, just no. That entire thing was just 100% wrong and I don’t understand how someone with that ridiculous mentality is allowed to manage two shows. She’s just pissed that this fandom isn’t full of morons. To ship Klaroline, the understanding of a pair like that makes you extremely perceptive, open-minded, and above all—reasonable. We are a very critical, analytical, and again, REASONABLE fandom. We’re gonna go by character because Julie was so kind as to tell us exactly which characters she’s pissed that we don’t like. 

Hayley: This character wasn’t liked from the beginning—literally. Not to mention that those of us who followed from TVD (yeah Julie, remember us?) aren’t so keen on forgetting exactly who this character is. She sacrificed 12 of her ‘friends’ FOR NOTHING. They died for absolutely nothing, which is something that Hayley’s never had to take responsibility for. Caroline killed the 12 witches to save her friends life, and then felt absolutely terrible about it, THEN HAD TO OWN UP TO IT IN 4X23. Hayley kills twelve people, and nothing. This character was self-centered, self-serving, and never faced repercussions for being that way. She got to walk around and do whatever the hell she wanted. She’s disliked from the beginning and was guaranteed the lead in the spin-off LONG before we even met the damn character. The network took that idiot risk in giving the female lead to a character that the audience hasn’t even met yet, then that character is highly disliked (FROM THE BEGINNING) and is allowed to keep that lead role, WHICH IS NOT OUR PROBLEM. Transfer over to the spin-off where she’s given every special snowflake power in the damn book. She got impregnated by someone who should never under any circumstances be able to impregnate someone, oh but she’s werewolf royalty too, and totally ignore the fact that she’s only a werewolf because she was wasted and killed someone, and at the end just make her into a hybrid which shouldn’t be possible because TVD has an ENTIRE season on the process of creating hybrids but by some miracle and super snowflake magic, Hayley can be one too. Let’s also make the only other hybrid aside from the original one not a hybrid, so that SHE can be the only one besides the original hybrid because she’s still not special enough. Then also make the majority of the show about this character, when the title say’s otherwise and all the fans who followed the Mikaelson’s from their parent show were lead to believe otherwise. But yeah no, we hate her because Klaus got her pregnant. Give me a fucking break. 

Camille: This character could have been great, she really could have been. Let’s not all act like she’s a psychology student aside from the intended purpose of it. She wasn’t written to be a psychology student because that’s just what they decided to have her study, she’s a psychology student because they don’t want this character work for anything that she gets. Wow, she understand’s Klaus, and she can get through to him, and this girl obviously knows what’s right. And why is that? Oh right, because she’s a psych student. Oh but this character is so smart, is she really? Is that why she keeps shoving herself into situations that are absolutely none of her business? Situations that have consistently almost gotten her killed. But she’s a total genius, right? Sure.

"Which is always frustrating because you want those characters to stand on their own and we’re not trying to force romance with either of those characters down anyone’s throat."

Interesting. It’s interesting that you say this towards two characters whose almost entire sole purposes have to do with Klaus. The only way to shove Hayley into the spin-off was to have her randomly sleep with Klaus, and then get her knocked up. The only reason she exists in the spin-off is because she was carrying Klaus’s kid. No one gives a crap that it’s Klaus’s kid. But none of it made sense, that was the problem. But she’s intended to stand on her own, right? Mhmm. Then there’s Camille who for the first half of the season only existed as someone to write Klaus’s memoirs, and council him. Oh, and let’s not forget, that also got constant mind abuse from the very character she was spending all her time with, but she’s supposed to stand on her own. When she refuses to stay away from that very character who abused her, because something keeps drawing her back to him. Yet, she’s supposed to stand on her own? Yeaaaaah, that’s not how it works.

The distaste for their characters on certain elements of the social media universe is frustrating because it’s in a context that’s not entirely fair.

Fair? FAIR?! Okay, let’s talk fairness here. How about when the fans are introduced to this spin-off and are swayed with the concept of a show dedicated to the original family, and then are given everything but that. OR, how about when Klaroline fans were told that their ship would continue, so they tune in to this show and contribute to the ratings, only for Caroline to be completely erased from Klaus’s narrative, given some cheap ass send off, THEN TOSSED ASIDE LIKE GARBAGE. WAS THAT FAIR, JULIE?! No, I didn’t think it was. So don’t talk to us about fair, because you haven’t been fair to us from the start. How about she take responsibility for the fact that she created two horrible female characters. Female characters who don’t stand on their own! Stop lying! Fix the mistakes, and while she’s at it—she can stop antagonizing a single fandom for HER MISTAKES. If she wants Hayley and Camille to stand on their own, then she has to write them that way. Not complain that we won’t accept them as is. We are completely justified in our reasons for disliking certain characters. Especially when we disliked them for reason’s that make sense. We are not against strong female characters that stand on their own. We’re against writers and a producer trying to pass some off as being that way, when they are in fact far from it. It’s not like we make our reasons up. They are all contextualized, supported reasons, that have nothing to do with ships. The Klaroline fandom has been screwed over enough, we don’t need this accusation bullshit too. You can keep your spin-off, Julie. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that we’re probably better off without it.


Exactly! She is a grown woman, and she should take some responsibility instead of blaming a group of fans…

Honestly, Steroline and Carenzo would get in the way of Klaroline as well, and yet I still love Stefan and Enzo. Steroline is pretty likely to happen at some point, and I loathe Steroline, but that’s never going to change the fact that I love Stefan Salvatore as a character. It has nothing to do with ships, and I think it’s time that Plec acknowledges that. People either like characters or they don’t.

Apparently most fans don’t care about Hayley/Camille, and it has to do with how they are portrayed as a person, not about them messing with any ship. 



I have never heard an NBA team say “We’re a great team but we lost the championship because the audience didn’t like us.”

I have never heard a chef say “My restaurant serves delicious food but it got bad reviews because the diners didn’t like it.”

And here is Julie Plec saying “Hayley and Camille are strong characters but they’re failing because Klaroliners don’t like them.”



Ian Somerhalder talking about Bonnie and Damon’s fate and co star Kat Graham +

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